Directory Demo Infotex2022-09-12T13:58:33+00:00

Demo of how FAQs can work as a directory of items based on FAQ categories (which populate a filter at the top)


Ally Capellino2022-09-12T14:03:08+00:00

Is a designer of accessories whose work is in step with clothing trends –

Allegra Hicks2022-09-12T13:44:50+00:00

Both a lifestyle and fashion designer whose use of pattern is a constant theme –

Alice Temperley2022-09-12T13:35:26+00:00

Designer of dresses, occasional wear and bridal wear with a distinctive slightly bohemian flair –

Alice Archer2022-09-12T13:43:16+00:00

Designer who specialises in embelishing her clothes with beading, embroidery, lace etc. –

Alexandra Hadjikyriacou2022-09-12T13:45:40+00:00

Innovative knitwear designer whose signature is graphically patterned knits for women.

Agi & Sam2022-09-12T13:35:28+00:00

Menswear designers of “light-hearted, print-based, colourful, inclusive for guys, women and kids – quite British” clothing.

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