Project Description

Project Type: Responsive happy website
Business Area: Social Enterprise
Additional Items: Full branding, video integration, printed media

Sallyann Keizer set up the Happynesshub as … well..  a ‘hub’ for everything to do with happiness!  I was hired to create a new logo and branding and do build an extensive website which includes several blogs, a forum, research, sign up forms and much more. The core of the whole project is happiness and fun, so you can imagine it was a great project to be involved with. Sallyann also runs Sixth Sense Media which produces mainstream Children’s and Factual content to entertain, educate and inspire. They currently have the top slot on Children’s BBC!  (and yes, I designed their 6sense Media website and branding too.. which needed to be linked to HH).

Project duration: 8 weeks
Websites/Businesses linked to this consultancy:
Sixth Sense Media Ltd (

The Happynesshub Website