Logo Design

Logo design is a unique discipline. It’s also a very exciting and rewarding area of design. It’s the start of something great.

Logo design often comes at the start of a business, club or enterprise. It is the corner stone for all your branding elements; your website, stationery, business cards, leaflets, posters, email footers etc. If you need a logo, then contact me.

Logo design work fits into three categories. Please see the boxes below for an explanation, or skip to the main examples. I ask every client some questions before starting a project. These questions are essentially all about marketing and allow me to start working with sufficient information. See the questions here.

Many of my clients need help in several areas. A typical project includes designing a new logo or upgrading an existing logo. It also often includes building a stunning website and creating all the printed items they need. I design many logos for clients around Guildford, Surrey, but the nature of my work means I have clients right across the UK. You don’t need to meet someone to do good work for them.

Some Examples

.. I have designed many logos over the years. Here is just a selection.
Some of these link to client websites so you can see them ‘in action’. If the image has a link, then feel free to check it out ..