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Need a new website or want to upgrade an existing website?

Freelance Website Design Surrey – You have come to the right place. Feel free to skip to the main examples. However, you need to make some informed choices then please click on the three boxes below to discover what I offer using the most advanced website platform on the Internet and the most dynamic integrations.

Website design in Surrey is a competitive area with many regional agencies charging large sums to unsuspecting clients. I am a freelance website designer in Surrey with many years experience across a myriad of business, school, individual and professional areas. I work with clients right across the UK, from Lomond Osteopathy in Scotland down to Laindons Guesthouse in Hastings. If you need website design in Surrey, then shop around, get quotes from agencies, then contact me and get a more personal service for a realistic price. I also include search engine optimisation (SEO) with every website.

Need a website that is cutting edge, highly adaptable and very easy to update?

Focused on what you need

Making it unique to you

Anything is possible

No two websites are the same and your brief might include something unique. Here’s just a selection of items that are easy to include, but this is just a drop in the ocean. Almost anything is possible and easy to update:

  • multiple blogs
  • social media integration/feeds
  • secure contact forms
  • forums
  • site security and lockouts
  • secure backups
  • hosting company recommendations
  • assistance with email, MS-Office applications
  • fully responsive
  • integrated branding / graphic design
  • video editing and easy integration
  • animation, galleries, portfolios
  • e-commerce (SSL / https:)
  • dedicated membership areas
  • secure membership data manipulation/presentation
  • calendars and booking systems
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • integrated Google AdWord campaigns
  • copywriting and SEO advice
  • email marketing sign up forms
  • marketing email design
  • consistency between digital & printed media (branding guidelines)

Some Examples

.. a small boat full of examples from a vast lake of work ..
(Any excuse to use my favourite shot of the Lakes. I can help with your imagery too. Hover or tap for info)

Some Examples

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