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Search Engine Optimisation – It’s not rocket science

Is your website being found for searches on Google? Are you floundering on page 2 and don’t know how to improve that? Guildford SEO and website ranking is dependent on many things but also a lot about location around Surrey and surrounding areas.

Get in touch for some Guildford SEO advice. Nobody knows exactly how Google ranks pages for a search. If they say they do, then they are not telling the truth.  However, we do know how to get you onto page 1 and can maximise the chances of turning a click into business. Yes, there are some very technical things that can be done, but a lot of SEO is down to common sense and professional inexpensive advice.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also an ongoing challenge. It is not something you just setup and leave. One month you may be on page 1, but two months later you could be on page 2. However, if you are lucky enough to be in a geographical region and business area (like Guildford) where there isn’t much competition, then your SEO will be easy and not cost the earth. To be accurate, SEO is the process of ensuring your website pages are optimised for searches. I include SEO for EVERY website project I undertake. Many Guildford clients benefit from my SEO services. The ongoing tweaking and adjustments and strategies to keep you on page is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Makes sense really.

A few facts:

If you don’t have the exact search terms (words) someone types into Google,
then your page most likely won’t be found for that search.

If you don’t have a SIGNIFICANT amount of text (copy) which is well written and has that search term inside it at multiple points,
then your page most likely won’t be found.

Google ranks pages, not whole websites. Don’t have two pages on your website competing with each other.

Video rules the World. Do you have a YouTube channel? Oh look… that’s owned by Google.. I wonder why a website with video on it about the subject someone is searching for ranks higher than one without… funny that.

There’s a whole lot more to SEO than just these snippets, but none of it is beyond you. Once explained, you can future proof any website yourself.

There are a great many free tools available for SEO and it isn’t rocket science (despite what specialist companies might lead you to believe). My role is to give you choices. How much time do you have? I’ll demystify SEO to the point where you are empowered to make informed decisions and work out a decent strategy. This page will soon be filled with nicely structured content on the various components of SEO, but for now, if you wish to chat, then get in touch by calling me on 07775 833616 or email:

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Why has he included an image here? How can it help with SEO and being found in Guildford, Surrey or anywhere else? Get in touch to find out.

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